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Fuel price

Now, the liter of fuel (in CHF) :
AVGAS : 2.4624
AVGAS tax free : 1.7604

JETA1 : 2.2032
JETA1 tax free : 1.4904

Subject to modification

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Webcam Ouest
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Welcome to les Eplatures airport , La Chaux-de-Fonds- Le Locle

Les Eplatures airport, in the state of Neuchâtel, is just in the middle of the Jura mountain range.

World known center of excellence in the micro technologies and watch making industry, this high lying region offers a preserved natural environment , with a mediterranean touch, thanks to the vicinity of the lake of Neuchâtel.

Hightech, environment and cultural life combine with harmony in creating a high quality of life.


Les Eplatures is the highest IFR international airport in Europe, and is the only permanently operated airport in the french-swiss Jura mountains.

It is the perfect link to hundreds of general aviation airports in Europe for private and business aviation.

It is also your choice for a sports and instruction facility if you practice aviation by yourself.

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