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Fuel price

Now, the liter of fuel (in CHF) :
AVGAS : 2.4624
AVGAS tax free : 1.7604

JETA1 : 2.2032
JETA1 tax free : 1.4904

Subject to modification

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  Les Eplatures airport was built to open the region to the outside world


Some milestones :

  • 1912 First aviation display
  • 1919 Aeronautical week in autumn with military airshow (20000 spectators)
    Foundation of the cooperative company NHORA for the development of aviation in La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • 1927 Official opening of the first airport building
  • 1929 Foundation of Aero-Club des Montagnes Neuchateloises for the development of sport aviation and pilot training
  • 1930 The airport gets customs clearance for international traffic
  • 1937 Official opening of the first hangar
  • 1946-56 Increase of air traffic (tourism and sport flights)
  • 1955-56 A concrete runway is built (740 m X 30 m)
    Obtaining of the concession of the airport
  • 1957 An air traffic office and a restaurant are built
  • 1960 A new hangar is built for maintenance used by Transair and a radio station appears
  • 1963 Hangar 3 is built
  • 1971 Renewal of the concession of airport until 2001
  • 1972 The runway is extended to 845 m
  • 1986 The runway is rebuilt, runway lights are set
    APAPI are installed on both runway beginnings to give the visual slope
    Parking areas are extended
    A control tower is erected
  • 1989-90 The first set of navaids for instrument approaches is installed
  • 1996-98 The runway is again extended to 1100 m
    Taxiway is built
    The fourth hangar is built
    parking areas for airplanes are extended
  • 2000 The runway is grooved to improve operation during rainfall
    The electronic glide path transmitter is installed
  • 2001 Renouvellement de la concession d'aéroport jusqu'en 2031
  • 2002 The runway profil is modified and the runway is extended to 1165 m

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