Airport presentation

Les Eplatures airport, in the state of Neuchâtel, is just in the middle of the Jura mountain range.

World known center of excellence in the micro technologies and watch making industry, this high lying region offers a preserved natural environment , with a mediterranean touch, thanks to the vicinity of the lake of Neuchâtel.

Hightech, environment and cultural life combine with harmony in creating a high quality of life. Learn more about the city:

Les Eplatures is the highest IFR international airport in Europe, and is the only permanently operated airport in the french-swiss Jura mountains.

It is the perfect link to hundreds of general aviation airports in Europe for private and business aviation.

It is also your choice for a sports and instruction facility if you practice aviation by yourself.




Philippe Clapasson – CEO

Raphaël Boichat – Air trafic controller, head of aviation safety

Emanuele Tocalli – Air trafic controller, head of ground services and rescue firefighting

Thierry Thiébaud – Technical employee, ground services

Marinho Soares Ribeiro – Administration, ground services

Loïc Peitrequin – Trainee air trafic controller

Christian Zbinden – Student air trafic controller

Jacky Barben – Air trafic controller support staff

Dustin Leuenberger – Air trafic controller support staff

Michel Masserey – Air trafic controller support staff

Etienne Mudry – Air trafic controller support staff

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First aviation display.


Aeronautical week in autumn with military airshow (20000 spectators).
Foundation of the cooperative company NHORA for the development of aviation in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Official opening of the first airport building.


Foundation of Aero-Club des Montagnes Neuchateloises for the development of sport aviation and pilot training.


The airport gets customs clearance for international traffic.


Official opening of the first hangar.

1946 – 56

Increase of air traffic (tourism and sport flights).

1955 – 56

A concrete runway is built (740 m X 30 m).
Obtaining of the concession of the airport.


An air traffic office and a restaurant are built.


A new hangar is built for maintenance used by Transair and a radio station appears.


Hangar 3 is built.


Renewal of the concession of airport until 2001.


The runway is extended to 845 m.


The runway is rebuilt, runway lights are set.
APAPI are installed on both runway beginnings to give the visual slope.
Parking areas are extended.
A control tower is erected.

1989 – 90

The first set of navaids for instrument approaches is installed.

1996 – 98

The runway is again extended to 1100 m.
Taxiway is built.
The fourth hangar is built.
parking areas for airplanes are extended.


The runway is grooved to improve operation during rainfall
The electronic glide path transmitter is installed.


Renewal of the concession of airport until 2031.


The runway profil is modified and the runway is extended to 1165 m.